For both beginners and more experienced riders, wakeboarding offers a thrilling adrenaline rush. You may have questions about how to start wakeboarding, where to go, what equipment to use and what to wear. To get started with wakeboarding, you will need a boat equipped with a tower and mirrors to guide you. You’ll be pulling the boat’s wake across your body to perform tricks like ollies or other moves. But what should you wear?

There are many options when it comes to attire. However, there are some that are better than others. This is especially important for beginners who will spend more time on the water than they do on their wakeboards while learning to ride. Here’s a guide to what you can wear when you wakeboard, including wetsuits and bathing suits as well as safety gear that will keep you safe out on the water.


Before you start thinking about your attire, make sure you have your wakeboard ready and your bindings. For better stability on the water, you should choose a wakeboard that is appropriate for your height and weight if you are a beginner. Our blog provides a detailed guide on how to choose a beginner wakeboard. Bindings, also known as wakeboard boots or bindings, are important because they allow for freedom of movement, but not restrict your ability to ride. You can read our blog about choosing the right wakeboard bindings to learn more.


You’re nearly ready to go on the water once you have your bindings and your wakeboard. But there are some things you need to remember before you get started. Your attire is the first thing you should consider. As you observe other riders, you may notice that each rider has a different style preference in terms of their wakeboard and their riding style. Some riders prefer to wear only their swimsuit, or something that they feel comfortable in while out on the water. Others choose two-piece suits. One-piece suits are safer as you will be wearing additional safety gear. Beginners who want to wakeboard should consider a dry or wetsuit for extra protection.

A wetsuit is not necessary for beginners who want to wakeboard.

A wetsuit is designed for keeping your body warm in the water. It is also used for other watersports like surfing and diving. A wetsuit is best used in colder waters to protect your body from the harsh environment. However, it is also important for beginners who want to learn how to wakeboard. You’ll likely spend a lot of time on the water when you first learn how to ride the wakeboard. This makes you more vulnerable to the water’s effects and conditions. You should wear a wetsuit to protect yourself from injury, even when the water temperature is high. You won’t get too hot in your wetsuit if you are riding in the water, but it’s not a problem. You can choose a sleeveless or t-shirt wetsuit if you are concerned. Unzip the front when you’re done riding to cool off.


While a wetsuit can help you stay safe in the harsh environment when you learn how to wakeboard, there are also other safety considerations. Even if your swimming skills are excellent, it can be difficult to navigate the water at high speeds. You should wear a helmet and a life jacket. Your wakeboard boat should have wakeboard mirrors so that your driver can see what’s happening around him.

  • Choose a Life Jacket For WakeboardingYou likely have a life jacket if you own a boat or participate in watersports. Although this jacket is suitable for wakeboarding, there are also jackets that can be used to protect riders. These jackets are more mobile than other flotation devices and designed for wakeboarders. Because they are made of stretchy neoprene material, these jackets allow for more freedom while riding the wake.
  • How to Choose a HelmetYou should wear a helmet when you wakeboard, just like you would wear a helmet while riding your bicycle. Because wakeboarding is an extreme watersport, some tricks can be dangerous. High quality wakeboard helmets will be well-constructed, comfortable, and durable. You’ll also have many styles to choose from, to suit your personal style!
  • Wakeboard mirrorsAlthough not essential, wakeboard mirrors that attach to the boat’s windshield or wakeboard tower are great for rider protection. You want to be alert at all times as a rider. This is also true for boat drivers, and wakeboard mirrors were designed to do exactly that. These mirrors can be adjusted by the driver to make sure they are always in sync with the rider.


You should be aware of safety precautions before you start to wakeboard. You will need a helmet and a wetsuit to protect you from injury and the elements, as well as a life jacket. After you have your safety gear, you can choose the clothing you want. While one-piece suits are more comfortable for most riders, some riders prefer two-piece suits. You can choose what suits you prefer, but remember to keep safety in mind while you wakeboard.

Check out our beginner’s guide for choosing the right gear for you.

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