The best surf vacation

Tired of the same 9-5 grind? Tired of driving to your favourite break only to find that there is little to no swell and 100 other surfers in the water? Why not get away from it all and take a surfing holiday? Pack a quiver with a selection of your favourite boards, throw some clothes in your board bag, and hop on a plane. Soon you will be waiting for your set in the back in beautiful, clean, azure blue water. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing offshore, and a gentle sea breeze is blowing just off the edge of the breaking wave.

Best Surf Destinations

A surf holiday is different for everyone. It can be as simple as driving up or down the coast for a nice little break in a quiet little coastal town. Or you can take a flight to Bali, Hawaii, or J-Bay Africa. If spending your days relaxing in a sun-drenched dreamland is your type of surf holiday, why not consider a surf resort? You can choose from Baha, California, Fiji, the Mentawis, Hawaii, Australia or many more idyllic destinations.

Wake up refreshed from a wonderful night’s sleep in your beautifully appointed room, just metres from world-class surf breaks. Jump out of bed, throw on your shorts, grab your board and paddle out, duck diving through the crystal blue, clear waves. Once you are positioned at the back, sit there and enjoy the view as the sun rises on the horizon and greets you on this fantastic day. Catch your breath and then paddle, smiling as you plunge deep into clean, calm waves. Marvel at the magnificence and power of nature’s gift as you slice through wave after wave.

When you feel you can’t paddle anymore and you have a smile on your face that would light up 1000 Christmas trees, catch the next wave. Lie on your board and let the waves do all the work as they take you to shore so you can enjoy a well-deserved full breakfast.

The ultimate is a surf charter, where your captain will expertly navigate the swell. You wake up in the morning with magically clean barrels. If surfing azure waves in temperate tropical waters is your thing, why not hop aboard a boat cruising the Mentawis, or travel around the waters of Fiji? Soon you will find yourself in a pristine environment with green walls, waiting for the intrepid seeker.

Perfect Wave Travel Supply

Don’t forget to pack the supplies. A good selection of boards, including a big wave “gun” for those monster bombs and a few shorter boards so you can carve those long awaited waves.

You may also want to remember to pack your iPod or MP3 player so you can listen to your favourite songs. Bring a good book or two so you can relax, as there will be times when the waves just won’t break. You will appreciate these quiet times and they will allow you to build your strength to enable you to charge the next 10 ft barrel that may be just one nap away. Depending on the surf charter you have chosen, all your food and amenities are included in the package. If you have chosen “5 stars”, you will have the pleasure of having all your meals prepared by a renowned chef. Or maybe you prefer a cheaper option where you can get your food fresh from the ocean.

One thing is for sure, you will not only catch great waves and taste amazing food. You will have an adventure full of fantastic memories. It’s personal. Whichever surf vacation you choose, it’s guaranteed to be full of fun, adventure, and experiences that you’ll remember forever. Not only will you take your surfing to a new level, you will also have great stories to tell your friends and family when you get back home.

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