WWA Qualification


All athletes must be current competitive members of the WWA in order to compete. Athletes must sign the WWA contract and understand the nature of the sport and its unique hazards before competing, especially in the professional format. Athlete must submit the relevant forms to the Director of Registration prior to competing (Information questionnaire, Contract, Waiver, W9 or W8). Before riding, the Athlete must first register with a WWA-designated person and present proof of WWA membership and credentials.

Entry Cost – The entry fee must be paid along with the entry form. The entry fee for each event, as well as any late fees that may apply, is listed on the Official Entry Form.

Entry Deadlines and Late Fees — Entry deadlines are specified on both the Official Entry Form and the event’s web page. If the registration form (including payment) was not received by the Director of Registration on or before the date designated (on the entry form) as the “2 Week Entry Deadline” or other appropriate time period, a Late Fee must be paid prior to riding. The Director of Registration has the final say on when you can sign up for a contest. With prior notice from the Event, a maximum number of riders who can sign up may be imposed in some cases. After the maximum number of riders has been achieved, no further riders will be able to register.


If an entrant wishes to cancel his or her entry for whatever reason, he or she must do so at least two weeks prior to the event by contacting the Director of Registration or the event organiser. The registration fee will be returned ONLY if the entry cannot be rolled over to another competition if the contestant meets the required cancellation deadline. To be eligible for a full refund, you must cancel your submission by email.

Concussion Policy: If the boat crew feels a rider has suffered a concussion or suffered a head injury, they will contact the staff EMT right once. The staff EMT will assess the athlete and determine whether or not they believe the rider has suffered a concussion. The rider will be pulled from competition immediately if the EMT suspects a concussion. If the athlete is a minor, the parent or guardian will be notified at this point.

The player should be evaluated by a health care physician who is familiar with evaluating for concussions, according to WWA. The athlete will not be permitted to compete in a WWA event until they have received written permission from their healthcare physician to resume participation.

Fines — Prior to participating in the Event, all overdue fines must be paid.

In the event of illness or injury during the week leading up to the event, the affected rider must notify the Director of Registration for a refund. You will not be refunded if you do not inform us before your name appears on the running order. For a complete refund, the affected rider must show a signed doctor’s excuse to the Director of Registration for approval. Falsification will be seen as unsportsmanlike behaviour. To get a refund, the doctor’s note must be submitted no later than 5pm EST (21) twenty-one days after the start of the event date. There will be no refunds after that date.


If a Athlete is unable to ride due to injury, his or her spot is left empty after riding in the qualifying round and/or subsequent rounds of a contest. If an athlete is unable to compete in a subsequent round, they will get Ranking List points and placing for the round in which they were unable to compete. In the next round, no replacement rider will be assigned to that slot.

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