The Purpose of These Rules– The conduct and organisation of the 2021 World Wake Association Events will be governed by the Rules set forth in this document. (The acronyms “WWA” and “WW” will be used throughout the rest of the guidelines.) These rules will be considered final unless and until specified amendments, addendums, and/or exclusions are distributed to the participants. The obligation for becoming familiar with the WWA rules falls on the shoulders of each athlete, event organiser, and official.

Competition Start Times– All riders must be on site and ready to participate 30 minutes before the event’s scheduled start time, unless otherwise stated. The WWA and/or the event organiser reserve the right to make changes/alter the itinerary at any moment with or without notice. A minimum of one hour before the planned start of their class is required, according to World Wrestling Association (WWA).

The Conduct of Athletes and Officials:

Personal Appearances – Athletes and officials must agree to participate in appearances scheduled by the media and local sponsors, as well as other events.

Clothing – Athletes and officials must adhere to the WWA clothing regulations when participating in specified WWA functions. Riders acknowledge that the Organizers reserve the right to control or prohibit the usage, presentation, or display of advertising material by the rider on the premises during the contest.

The WWA Chief Judge has the authority to fine and/or disqualify any athlete or official whose conduct is deemed unsportsmanlike, or who may cause discredit to the WWA, sponsors, or that person’s home country federation, either on or off the contest site, during the period of time during which the contest is being held, as determined by the Chief Judge. Underhanded behaviour during competition includes, but is not limited to, the use of vulgar language in public, the throwing of tantrums, not riding to one’s fullest potential, failing to attend designated functions or events, consuming alcoholic beverages during competition, participating under false pretences, such as not having a WWA membership, concealing significant injuries or health problems, and failing to disclose significant injuries or health problems. A rider who is disqualified in this manner will forfeit the prize money and any points earned in that particular contest. No individual’s legal rights shall be infringed upon or restricted by the provisions of this paragraph. The World Wake Association will receive all fines that are assessed. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from all future contests until the fine is paid in whole.