Online Surf Shop: Shop Southern California from the comfort of your own home!

My cousins told me they were looking for a great online surf shop.

“What’s so bad about it?” I asked them. They told me the best surf shops were on the west coast. I advised them to do some online shopping to find great deals and products regardless of where they lived!

What can you find in an online surf shop?

Surfing, skateboarding, and inline skating have become almost synonymous, with enthusiasts of these pastimes sporting the same, if not very similar, clothes and accessories.

It is an attitude that people who love these sports show.

Online surf shops offer a number of things, including surf and wakeboards, protective gear, surf and wakeboard gloves, skate and surf equipment, and clothing for those times when you’re not on the water or your board.

Interestingly, protective gear now includes things like rash guards, originally designed to protect the skin from irritation from surf and sand. Today, a rash guard also protects against sun exposure, with many of these shirts offering an SPF of up to 50.

Considering that typical sunscreen, which washes off in water or with perspiration, has an SPF of 30, rash guards are a great innovation!

In addition to rash guard shirts with long and short sleeves, there are surf shorts made of the same rash guard protective fabrics. You can find both shirts and shorts in adult men’s and women’s sizes, as well as sizes specifically for kids.

Surfing and skateboarding accessories are also available, with things like board fins, lines, wax, board bags and racks for travel, books and DVDs to improve your skills, and more. If you are looking for a great board, you can also find it at an online surf shop.

Online surf shops have entered the 21st century-they ship everything!

Something that used to be prohibitively expensive is shipping your chosen surfboards or accessories. Today, however, many online surf shops with internet access have taken the step to offer free or lower shipping costs.

Most online retailers now offer free shipping on purchases over $100 or $125, or lower shipping costs of, say, $5 or so for orders over $50. You’ll want to check the terms and conditions of each online store, but you can be comfortable being surprised.

This way, you can shop comfortably at home, find the best deals, and have them delivered directly to your home. And you will not be penalised (you have to spend more money) if you buy online. With free shipping, you end up spending exactly the same amount as if you were walking into the store!

I love shopping this way!

This means that even the smallest surf and skateboard businesses can compete well in a global market.

Online surf shops have all the major brands, plus more.

You can find O’Neill, Lost, Hurley, Lost Enterprises, Billabong, Roxy, Dakine and more.

Moreover, you can come across some products from these online surf shops that are brand new to the market.

Surf and skateboard enthusiasts often come up with innovations to make surfing or skating safer, more fun, or more practical. Maybe there’s a new stunt that someone has developed a tool or equipment for.

This could be something as simple as a new type of wax being developed, or perhaps a new type of skateboard wheels or surfboard shape.

The internet has enabled enthusiasts with a dash of entrepreneurial spirit to create and market their new innovations. Many online surf shops are excited to sell these new products as they are at the forefront of new technology in the sport.

So, whatever your interest, you can find clothes, gear, and accessories in an online surf shop.

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