SUP boards are rising in popularity.

Stand-up paddling has become extremely popular in the United States and beyond in recent decades. If you stand up paddle, you started out in Hawaii, where it’s been around for a long time and was called Hoe he’enalu in the past.

Professional surfers like Rick Thomas and Kai Lenny have done a lot to promote the sport. Rick brought the sport into the limelight almost exclusively in California when he gained a following. As celebrities and professional athletes try SUP, it’s coming out of the shadows and into the eyes of the people who used to surf.

The Technological Impact on the Stand Up Paddle Board Market

Stand-up paddleboards are larger than the average surfboard. It is because of the SUP board and its size that the sport is so versatile. The boards can be used in almost any body of open water. They are excellent for both surfing the waves and enjoying calmer waters. Aside from surfing ocean waves, people enjoy taking them on lakes and rivers, as well as riding in the wake of boats. Stand-up paddle board racesare held every year around the world where participants cover long distances on their stand-up paddle boards.

SUP board designs have evolved with the sport over the years. The first boards available to consumers weighed nearly 120 pounds and were nearly 15 feet long. As technologies became available, new boards came out. SUP board dealers today can provide boards ranging in length from 9 to 15 feet, with prices ranging from $600 to $3000 for custom SUP boards.Originally made of solid wood, they evolved into a hollow shape. Today, they are made of fibreglass or epoxy resin around a polystyrene foam core. This provides the perfect mix of size, shape, and weight. Houston SUP boards are made to a high standard that meets and exceeds national expectations.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Through the Years

As SUP gets more attention, the sport is expected to continue to grow. The fan base is expected to expand due to the fun and versatile nature of the sport. Both experienced surfers and those new to water sports can enjoy aspects of SUP. With an activity for everyone, SUP will soon find a solid base in the United States.

Panga Surf stays ahead of the pack with their one-of-a-kind stand-up paddleboard designs.They cater to the needs of both beginners looking for a starter SUP board package and experienced racers looking for the ultimate paddle board speed with the latest graphite technology. Because Panga Surf makes their own boards, they offer tailor-made SUP boards that are specific to the individual surfer.

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